The fourth (and last) edition of the PROGRESS Handbook is out!

It is now usual that marking the end of each semester, we publish a new version of our Handbook. Also as before, we are touching one of the main subjects of PROGRESS, which are the following:

  • Determining the status of natural and near-natural ecosystem services by measuring the costs and benefits / opportunities associated with their exploitation
  • integrating ecosystem protection as a horizontal principle into policies;
  • mapping opportunities for sharing the costs of maintaining ecosystem services (internalising external costs);
  • development of economically and environmentally sustainable ecosystem management systems, development of existing practices

We have now arrived to our last section marking not only the end of the semester, but the whole project. However, this is the most complex topic we have dwelved into so far discussing the practical implications of using the concept of ecosystem services. Therefore examples such as the Green Office of the Municipality of 12th District developing green spaces, protecting the environment as well as raising awareness and involving the local residents are included in this edition.

The Handbook can be found on our website in English language:

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