Boosting energy efficiency in Central European cities through smart energy management

More about the project:

The BOOSTEE-CE (Increasing Energy Efficiency in Central European Cities through Intelligent Energy Management) project has developed and implemented technical solutions, strategies, management approaches and financing systems to achieve higher energy efficiency in buildings.

This has been achieved through transnational cooperation and GIS data, the use of intelligent energy management tools, and energy efficiency audits to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency in buildings.

The ultimate goal is to manage the energy efficiency of existing public buildings and ultimately reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is a key issue for Europe – and Hungary in it – as reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources and combating climate change is no longer just a task for the future, but for the present. The BOOSTEE-CE Interreg Central Europe project aimed to address these challenges, for which the partnership has developed several solutions within the OnePlace online web platform for public institutions and end-users, including:

– Live Energy Marketplace: an online database to showcase various energy efficiency investments, to help you navigate between electrical devices and to find qualified contractors who can carry out energy efficiency interventions;

– 3D Energy Management System: this is a special GIS system that presents energy data, energy audit results and other building characteristics based on a map and three-dimensional models of buildings. The purpose of the system is to present and visualize different databases that do not belong to one data type in a unified structure on the OnePlace page. The municipalities participating in the project will test and validate this system as part of the pilot actions, which can be viewed at:;

– The aim of the Energy Efficient Cities module is to exchange experiences and good practices between municipalities, public institutions, municipalities and other actors in the public sector;

– Energy Efficiency Financing: a module to present the roadmaps for achieving energy efficiency. In addition to the above, the BOOSTEE-CE project collects and presents financing opportunities for energy efficiency investments and summarizes them in a customized schedule for the participating regions and counties. The module also helps local government and other public sector bodies to invest in energy efficiency by presenting different financing methods.

In the seven participating countries, we carried out a total of eight pilot projects to test smart metering in public buildings to achieve lower emissions and a smaller environmental footprint. The investments can be used to monitor the consumption of electricity, heating, gas or even water in real time, and based on the data we can make a proposal for the more energy-efficient use of buildings and show which are the most optimal investments in terms of energy efficiency.

The BOOSTEE-CE project was implemented in cooperation with 13 partner organizations from 7 countries on 01.06.2017. and 31.05.2020. between Hungary, in which the TMFÜ Tolna County Development Agency Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. and the Municipality of Tolna participated.

Project details:

Project duration: 2017.06.01-2020.05.31.

Total project cost: 2 222 122,10 EUR

Funding source: Interreg Közép-Európa Program

Lead partner:

Bruno Kessler Foundation (IT)


E-Institute (SI)

Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (CZ)

Regional Energy Agency North (HR)

Mazovia Energy Agency (PL)

TMFÜ Tolna Megyei Fejlesztési Ügynökség Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. (HU)

Emilia – Romagna Region (IT)

Municipality of Velenje (SI)

City of Koprivnica (HR)

Municipality of Judenburg (AT)

Energy Agency Upper Styria (AT)

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation NOVUM Limited (PL)

City Municipality of Plonsk (PL)

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