Smart Energy Transition to Upgrade regional Performance

More about the project:

SET-UP is an Interreg Europe-funded project involving 6 European regions and 1 advisory partner for a common goal: to improve energy efficiency through strengthened smart grid policies.

In order to build integrated regional low-carbon strategies and plan effective future actions in their area, project partners will learn from each other through the exchange of best practices and experiences. They focus on three main challenges for smart grid development: consumer engagement, business models and financing opportunities.

From learning to implementation, the results will be gathered in regional action plans, which provide a concrete roadmap for planning and targeting more and better funding for integrated smart grid strategies. Between 2020 and 2021, these regional plans will be implemented.

Project details:

Project duration: 2016.04.01-2021.03.31.

Total project cost: 1 390 571 EUR

Funding source: Interreg Európa Program

Lead partner:

Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) (FR) 


TMFÜ Tolna Megyei Fejlesztési Ügynökség Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. (HU)

Andalusian Energy Agency, Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce, Andalusian Government (ES)

AREAL – Regional Energy and Environment Agency of Algarve (P)

Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (LT)

Regional Council of Brittany (FR)

Regen SW (UK)

Leicester Energy Agency / Leicester City Council (UK)

Contact info:



Twitter: #SetupProject

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