Trilogy of Platforms: sustainable food chains and development of the local food sector

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Trilogy of Platforms: sustainable food chains and development of the local food sector

Chef seeks farmer, regional Bavaria, regional catering

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Low-carbon economy, regional value chains

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National / Regional / Local

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The Bavarian Ministry created various online platforms to improve networking and marketing between all the individual players in the food sector.

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The Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry intends to support and promote healthy food with regional focus. The enhancement of networking and the exchange of the individual players in the value chain are important in particular. For this purpose online platforms have been developed. The platforms provide an overview of the regional procurement situation in Bavaria and facilitate contacts for the purchase of regional foods.

The platforms are free of charge for the participants and user-friendly.

The Bavarian State Ministry aims to demonstrate the significant benefits of using regional products:

– short distances (fresh products and less environmental pollution) and a strengthening of the purchasing power of the region

– Market transparency: who works with whom, identify and strengthen regional circulation systems.

– More detailed information on production and processing.

– The platforms are a public, independent and non-profit offer of information.


Regional Bavaria:

“Regionales Bayern” connects producers, processors, farmers’ markets and initiatives from Bavaria with interested consumers. Anyone can find a supplier of agricultural products and services quickly and easily on their doorstep. Local products are easily found. The search function is simple and easy to use. Filter functions for certain product categories, the selection of organic farms and a local search make it easy to find the required products. In addition, there are information about current events, courses, seminars, festivals and guided tours as well as events for children and families. Each producer has its own profile overview, which can be used to contact them directly.

Currently you will find more than 2700 regional suppliers and producers.



Chef seeks farmer:

The online platform “Wirt sucht Bauer” is a meeting place for people from the catering, agricultural and food craft sectors.

Today, many restaurateurs are already living a regional kitchen culture by using fresh ingredients from their region. Nevertheless, the finding of regional food and fresh products often turns out to be difficult. On the one hand, some restaurateurs do not have an precise picture of which farmers, hunters, fishers, fruit and vegetable farmers from their area offer exactly what they are looking for. On the other hand, it is difficult for agricultural producers and food producers to find suitable customers for their products. 

“Wirt sucht Bauer” aims to connect producers, gastronomes, food craftsmen and initiatives by simplifying the exchange of information and contacts. Regional participants can be found quickly on the online platform. The companies register in the database with their contact details and a detailed company profile, so that all interested members can get a good overview of the farm, its offers and its location.

In the meantime, more than 1200 interested users have registered here.



Regional catering:

The online platform RegioVerpflegung provides a forum for all members in the community catering sector. These are catering facilities such as kindergartens, senior residences, schools, company caterers, catering services and many more. From producers and processors, to traders of regional products and the catering industry, anyone can become a part of this network. In addition, established networks and fixed buyers can guarantee safety for producers. Especially for farmers and producers it is much easier to find contact to caterers. Similarly, the catering services find new sources of supply in their region and can bring the products of their region closer to the guests.



The main differences between the platforms are the target groups.

“Regionales Bayern” is addressed to consumers.

“Wirt sucht Bauer” is addressed to producers and gastronomy.

“RegioVerpflegung” is addressed to traders, producers and community catering/cantines.

The special feature is that all three platforms share a database and operate according to the same principle. With only one registration you have the possibility to present yourself on all three platforms simultaneously! Thus, for example, a farmer can win customers for his farm shop at, make contact with restaurateurs for his products via and with community catering facilities via

Resources needed [300 characters]

The platforms are an initiative of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and are developed, administered and updated by the public authorities and cooperative partners.

The platforms are free of charge for the participants.

Timescale (start/end date)

Start date / Ongoing / End date

Regionales Bayern: 27.03.2014 and ongoing

Wirt sucht Bauer: 2015 and ongoing

RegioVerpflegung: since Juli 2020 and ongoing

Evidence of success (results achieved) [500 characters]

The good practice just presented is considered successful. This can be seen from the continuously increasing number of registrations and good website access rates. Through advertising and participation in events, new networking opportunities are constantly opening up. The demand for further, specified networking possibilities is also constantly increasing. In addition, there is also interest from outside of other federal states.

Difficulties encountered / lessons learned [600 characters]

The technical programming, the construction of the database and good computer specialists were fundamentally important. The challenge here is that the platforms must be simple in design and clearly arranged. Numerous registrations in the regions with diverse offers on the platform are particularly important for success. The fundamental challenge is always to develop a high reach and to retain it. To motivate companies and farmers to register, there was also a need for strong arguments.

Potential for learning or transfer [1000 characters]

Digital networking possibilities and marketing in a free offer can help to secure the existence of small producers in particular.

Based on the principle of offering simple, quickly usable and free platforms, further portals are being developed.

In this way, the platform “Lokal-Helden” (Local Heroes) was created during the Corona pandemic. Restrictions enforced as a result of the Corona pandemic have led to sales losses for all restaurant owners that have threatened their existence. On a virtual map of the platform, restaurants can register their offers (for example takeaway services) and consumers can use the search function to find registered restaurants in their area.


Another platform will also be created to make it easier for farmers to find slaughter locations. Shorter transport distances not only bring financial advantages for the farmer, but are also beneficial concerning animal welfare.

A memorable motto is an important part of the marketing concept. This slogan can be found on brochures, the website and on advertising materials such as textile bags. The repetitive colours, the logo and the catchy slogan should create a high recognition value.

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